Doe is named after my Gramma Doe, who taught me how to sew sloppily. From there I taught myself to sew perfectly. Every item or pattern is designed by me, Hannah VanLom, in Portland, Oregon. My patterns are always simple, practical, and useful. 

I have always been making something. When I was a little girl my father would help me put tags on all of the jewelry that I made and we decided it should read, ‘Handmade by Hannah’. I remember feeling so proud seeing them hang in the store where he sold his wooden lamps. He was such a hard worker. He was a woodworker. I will always remember his process. I wanted to be like my father in so many ways. There was a bit of time when I thought I would grow up to build houses just like him. Sewing is building and working with leather is very similar to wood. These memories shape my desire to craft and create.   

My inspiration comes from daily tasks, traveling the world, riding my bicycle, practical simple lifestyles, the people I love, and quiet.